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Manual Quick Start

  1. Grab the latest RELEASE of intercept bundle for your platform
  1. Make sure you have the latest setup
intercept system --update
  1. Load some EXAMPLE policies and target files
start with the minimal.yaml
  1. Configure intercept
intercept config -r
intercept config -a examples/policy/minimal.yaml
  1. Audit the target folder
intercept audit -t examples/target
  1. Check the different output flavours
- stdout human readable console report
- individual json rule output with detailed matches
- all findings compiled into intercept.output.json
- fully compliant SARIF output into intercept.sarif.json
- all SHA256 of the scanned files into intercept.scannedSHA256.json
  1. Tune the scan with extra flags like ENVIRONMENT or TAGS filter
intercept audit -t examples/target -e "development" -i "AWS"